Payment processors are referred to as gateways for a reason – gates are there both to show welcome guests where to enter, and to keep unwanted visitors out. PT Unified Trade allows our clients and their customers to engage in financial transactions safely and securely. All new clients go through a thorough vetting process, which protects all our clients and everyone connected to our systems in terms of internet security, money laundering and fraud. We help our clients implement these same vetting systems internally so they can have constructive and safe interactions with their own clientele.
All PT Unified gateways are protected by state-of-the-art IT security and we periodically hire third-party professionals to test our system externally to ensure there are no vulnerable points of entry. As part of our ongoing service, in addition to keeping your systems safe, we work with you to maximize your profitable transactions and minimize chargebacks. We partner with several companies specializing in fraud prevention and chargeback reduction, including Verifi, Ethoca and Sift Science.